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What is fap?

Cery, Hyppy, Elhora, Nubber and Lish are all in Shadow Labs one day, when Lea asks Chewy the ultimate question.  Hilarity ensues.

What is fap?Collapse )

Junbo tanked ICC 25 this week! If you take a look at the damage taken meter, you will see that she was by far the tankiest tank in the raid.

Clearly this means she should always tank, forever and ever.

...and we only wiped 3 times!

So we ran two wings in our first scheduled raid of Naxx: Arachnid Quarter and Plague Quarter.

Just in case anyone was curious about stats from our first run:

Arachnid Quarter
Anub'Rekhan - Kills: 1, Wipes: 0, Best Time: 3:57
Grand Widow Faerlina - Kills: 1, Wipes: 0, Best Time: 2:57
Maexxna - Kills: 1, Wipes: 1, Best Time: 3:50

Plague Quarter
Noth the Plaguebringer - Kills: 1, Wipes: 0, Best Kill: 4:25
Heigan the Unclean - Kills: 1, Wipes: 2, Best Kill: 14:54 (lol)
Loatheb - Kills: 1, Wipes: 0, Best Kill: 5:23

Only three wipes for the whole raid (well, what we've done so far) is pretty damn good, considering we used to wipe four or five times on a single boss in Kara. Heigan gave us a bit of trouble but we managed to down him with two tanks, two healers and a warlock still standing. Warlock DPS FTW!

Here is us, right before we wiped on Maexxna (because we were too busy taking photos instead of standing in the right spot, lulz):

Naxx raid #1 update

Oh hai guildies!  So it seems there was quite a high level of interest for the raid and it's all filled up.  Those confirmed for this Saturday's Naxx run are:

Lishesque - tank
Tadden - tank
Unreliable - healer
Arundhati - healer
Karsten - healer/DPS
Thrynn - DPS
Devarnon - DPS
Kokkuri - DPS
Munroe - DPS
Azotame - DPS

We are going to pwn it.

Naxx Raid #1

Dear Akashans,

We are scheduling a guild run of Naxxramas (10 player) for Saturday 10th of April at 4pm server time. This translates to:

New Zealand - 8am (Sunday)
Australia - 6am (Sunday)
France - 10pm (Saturday)
US East - 4pm (Saturday)
US West - 1pm (Saturday)

All level 80 toons have been invited. If you are interested in coming, you can confirm your attendance for this event by going to the guild calendar on your minimap. As there are only 10 spots, the first 10 to sign up will be given priority.

For those who are attending, please be ready (gear fixed, ammunition stocked, food and buffs ready etc) ten minutes before the designated starting time. We will start summoning at exactly 4pm EST. Srsly.

If multiple versions of you have been invited, you can decide on which toon to bring depending on which toon needs the achievements/emblems/lootz. However, be aware that some swapping around may be required depending on how many tanks/healers we have. Also, as this is our first run, a gear requirement of at least all blues (mostly) will probably be necessary. Our number one goal in this raid is to have fun, experience Guild Bonding Time (tm) and see how far we can get, so please don't stress out about DPS output or whatever.

See you there!

--Lish aka Squishytank

Ode to Titanium

Ode to Titanium
Oh titanium!
How beautiful you are
Glinting silver and blue
In the light
Beckoning to me
With rare allure
So that I fly to you
And die mid-swing
of my pick


So. I was wondering for those of us who are more learned in the ways of the WoW than I am.... I know that DKs can wear plate. Obviously. But what do we do as far as stats go? I'm sure the basics for the class are expected like more stam and str... but we run on runic power? Does the bonus to spell damage apply? Int is totally worthless. I haven't seen or heard anything on the WoW website about possible adjustments or even raid/instance gear specially made for DK.


*clings to Chewy for comfort*


 I'd like to do a mass guildie pvp day sometime. A whole mess load of us swarming the battlegrounds. I've had lots of fun running with 2 or 3 of you at a time and that one time with NP was utter fail. But still fun. Anyone up for that sometime? We've even got vent to coordinate attacks ( ZOMG INC 9999999 LM!) and yell abuse at each other.

Oh hai!

Mai neim iz Rahbn and I iz altohallik.

So I wanna make an alt. I already have a priest that I'm gonna try to get level'd up. I'm gonna get rid of my warlock I think because I just don't like her anymore..she talks about me behind my back. But I think I wanna go for something that's kinda out of my character.

I'm thinking hunter. Mostly because I wanna impale things with arrows and sit back as my beast gets mauled, but I wanna do something useful to the guild.


Just in case anyone hasn't heard...

I'm baaaaaack!